Citation Sovereign Transitional Winglets Add Performance AND Value

Citation Sovereign Transitional Winglets
Citation Sovereign Transitional Winglets

As a Textron Aviation Inc. Independent Authorized Service Facility for most Citation models, West Star Aviation has extensive experience on the airframe.  This experience and expertise has also led to West Star Aviation’s ALN, GJT and CHA locations being named as an Authorized Installation Center by Winglet Technology for transitional winglets for the Citation Sovereign aircraft.  

This modification is ideal for Citation Sovereign operators looking to get the most out of their aircraft, and delivers serious benefits including increased speed at higher altitudes, improved take-off performance, reduced time to climb and increased range and payload.  

Let’s look at the numbers:

Increased speed at higher altitudes

  • 35 kts faster at FL450 / ISA temp / 28,000 lbs

Reduced time-to-climb

  • FL430 reduced from 23 to 21 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW
  • FL450 reduced from 73 to 28 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW

Higher initial flights levels

  • Direct to FL450 in 26 minutes @ 30,775 MTOW
  • Direct to FL470 in 32 minutes @ 29,100 lbs TOW

Increased range capability

  • Up to 225 NM for 1,390 lb or less payload, NBAA reserve
  • Up to 340 NM for 1,780 lb or more payload, NBAA reserve

Increased payload capability

  • Up to 85 lb payload increase for equivalent fuel load
  • Up to 915 lb payload increase for equivalent range

Increased certified weights

  • 475 lb Maximum Take-off Weight (MTOW) increase
  • 200 lb Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) increase

Improved climb gradient

  • Improved 2nd segment climb gradient

Reduced fuel consumption

  • Up to 8% for high speed cruise flight profiles

Reduced direct operating costs

  • Increase range reduced en-route technical stops
  • Up to 1,200 lb fuel savings per technical stop avoided

Enhanced aircraft resale value

  • Value of Transitional Winglet and GW Increase STC

Transitional Winglet Kit Details

  • FAA Certification received – August 2017
  • FAA approval 475 lb GW Increase – March 2018
  • Separate AFMS for GW increase and TOLD

The installation of the Winglet Technology transitional winglet kit can be performed at our ALN, GJT or CHA facilities.  With downtime currently running as little as 3 to 3.5 weeks, this is a relatively quick modification that delivers big benefits.  For more information on winglet installation for the Citation Sovereign or other Citation models, please contact one of the Citation specialists below:

Jerry Sheetz

Jerry Sheetz

Manager of Technical Sales (GJT)

Office 970.683.4852

Denise Hildebrand

Denise Hildebrand

Senior Technical Sales Manager 
Citation & Piaggio (ALN)

Office 618.258.4732

Donnie Shealy

Donnie Shealy

Technical Sales Manager Citation & Gulfstream (CHA)
Cell 803.319.5109

Kevin Hand

Kevin Hand

Technical Sales Textron/Embraer (ALN)

Office 618.258.4779

Larry Marler

Larry Marler

Technical Sales Manager (CHA)

Cell 423.598.1578