Completes First Universal 5-Tube EFI-890R System Upgrade

West Star Aviation Inc. Completes First Universal 5-Tube EFI-890R System Upgrade in a Falcon 50 Aircraft

The West Star Aviation, Inc. is pleased to announce the installation and certification of the
first 5-Tube Universal EFI-890R Advanced Flight Display in a Falcon 50 aircraft. The installation
is an enhanced upgrade to the previous 4-Tube systems that were installed and certified by
Premier Air Center (now West Star Aviation, Inc.) in East Alton, Illinois.

The 5th-Tube is integrated and installed in conjunction with the 4-tube EFI-890R Integrated Flat
Panel Displays in a digital high-resolution display that replaces the original N1, N2, ITT and
Fuel Flow analog gauges. The EFI-890R, including the 5th display, includes reversionary display
functions for enhanced cockpit safety as well as added advantages in weight, power, cooling and

The EFI-890R system retrofit can be completed at the West Star Aviation, Inc. locations in East
Alton, Illinois and Grand Junction, Colorado.

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