Falcon 900B Universal Avionics InSight Display System Upgrade

Falcon 900B Universal Avionics InSight Display System Upgrade
Falcon 900B Universal Avionics InSight Display System Upgrade

West Star Aviation is your go-to resource for Falcon 900B avionics upgrades, offering a range of options for these operators.  As an Authorized Universal Avionics dealer, West Star can offer special incentive programs for Dassault Falcon 900B operators to modernize their aircraft’s flight deck with a 4-display InSight Integrated Flight Deck solution.   The program is organized into three packages: 

Program Package 1 is for operators adding the dual UNS-1Fw SBAS-FMS and a 4-display InSight System upgrade. This solution provides capabilities for FANS 1/A+, CPDLC, and ATN B1, and includes Push-to-Load. 

Program Package 2 is for operators that have already installed the dual UNS-1Fw SBAS-FMS with the UniLink™ UL-801 CMU and CVR-120A Data Communication solution and want to upgrade their EFIS to a 4-display InSight System. This package also includes Push-to-Load capability. 

Program Package 3 is for operators that want to upgrade their EFIS to a 4-display InSight System and wish to retain their existing factory delivered and OEM supported FMS. This solution is compatible with the FANS 1/A+, CPDLC, and ATN B1 solutions already provided by Dassault Falcon Jet. As with all other OEM solutions, this package will receive EASA, TCCA and ANAC validations as well as the full support from the Dassault Falcon Jet Command Center and Tech Reps.

Key Features & Benefits

InSight is a fully integrated display system. Key features of this InSight solution include: 

Synthetic Vision System (SVS): A visualization system based on the presentation of a database driven 3D terrain as an underlay to the Primary Flight Display (PFD) to substantially increase the situational awareness of pilots in any external visual condition. 

Interactive Digital Map: Presents a selectable layer of a synthetic view of the terrain under the aircraft. This layer is selectable either as a full screen or inset view on the PFD or the NAV Display. Using a cursor device on the map, such as the touchscreen of the EFIS Control Display Unit (ECDU), navigation aids, airports, etc. may be selected to pull up relevant information on this selection including communication and navigation frequencies, airport data, etc. Among its unique features are the automatic decluttering of information as the user changes the displayed range on the map. 

Pilot-Selectable Screen Layouts with Graphical User Interface: Provides intuitive and customizable presentation of critical information.

Embedded Charting and Map Support: 

Provides critical situational awareness information for pilots, even while taxiing. 

  • Aircraft Present Position is overlaid 
  • Airport and Terminal 
  • Airway Depiction 
  • Geo-Referenced Own Ship 
  • Special Use Airspace 
  • Remaining Runway Distance 

Embedded Frequency Management: 

  • Can eliminate the need for separate radio controls or discrete tune units 
  • User friendly interface integrated with the FMS 
  • Suggested frequencies 
  • Radios can easily be tuned via the moving map display with simple ‘Point and Click’ Tune from Map 

Touch EFIS Control Display Unit (ECDU): 

  • Radios can easily be tuned from the ECDU Tune pages 
  • Control of EFIS Cursor via ECDU Touch Screen for the ultimate flexibility using “pinch and stretch” zoom, etc., greatly improving the user interface 

Remote Diagnostic and Maintenance: 

  • Hosted in a partition of the DCU II, the web based Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers a rich set of troubleshooting utilities to analyze every aspect of the system. Any laptop or router connected to the RJ45 port of the DCU II gives access to this functionality. 
  • The maintenance function shows maintenance personnel the overall health of each LRU in the system and displays data for each I/O port on every LRU. This utility also serves as the entry point to enable UA to upload software updates in the field. 

STC approval is expected in June with Dual UNS-1Fw Flight Management Systems. Expected approval of InSight with the existing NZ-2000 Flight Management Systems is projected in August/September.

Expected downtime is 6-8 weeks.

Work can be performed at any of the full-service West Star Aviation facilities: East Alton, IL (ALN), Grand Junction, CO (GJT), Perryville, MO (PCD) and Chattanooga, TN (CHA)

For more information or to schedule your input, please call your West Star Aviation Avionics Technical Sales Manager:

Aaron Berg

Aaron Berg

Technical Sales Manager Avionics (GJT)
Office 970.243.7500

Josh Peterson

Josh Peterson

Technical Sales Manager Avionics (CHA)
Office 423.661.8928

Walt Marcy

Walt Marcy

Technical Sales Manager Avionics (GJT)
Office 970.248.5258

Mike Sichmeller

Mike Sichmeller

Technical Sales Manager Avionics (ALN) Office 618.258.8863

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