GJT Adds Challenger Overhaul Gear Capabilities

West Star Aviation is pleased to announce they have added 96-month detailed inspections and 120-month restorations for Challenger landing gear at their Grand Junction Accessory Shop. With this addition to their already impressive line of capabilities, West Star will be able to provide improved service to their customers.

Steve Goede, Accessory Shop Manager says, “West Star increased its capabilities in order to accommodate the projected 250 Challenger fleet gear events due in the next two years. The quality, cost, and downtime associated with our services are very competitive within the industry.” Todd Burkey, Challenger Program Manager says, “While a customer’s Challenger is at West Star-Grand Junction for its landing gear inspection, we can maximize downtime by simultaneously performing corresponding airframe inspection and additional maintenance due, as well as providing avionics, interior, or paint refurbishments.” West Star-Grand Junction Accessory Shop also has the capability to complete send-in gear inspections for operators who prefer that option. With a portfolio of many diverse aircraft programs, West Star Aviation-Grand Junction is an FAA-Certified Class I, II, and III Accessory Repair Station. West Star-Grand Junction has made a substantial investment in custom tooling and equipment, and its employees have honed their skills, enabling the company to specialize in a thorough in-house gear inspection/restoration process.

For more information, call Accessory Shop Manager Steve Goede at 800-255-4193 x260, Challenger Sales Manager Emily Mason at 800-255-4193 x266, or Challenger Program Manager Todd Burkey at 800-255-4193 x256.

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