West Star Aviation recently accomplished the “Big Three” on a Falcon 2000by completing the first 3C Inspection, installing API blended winglets, and previously accomplishing a wing tank dry bay modification on the aircraft.  All three components were accomplished at West Star Aviation’s East Alton (ALN) facility.

The 3C inspection is an 18-year calendar inspection which includes a complete disassembly of the exterior; a full interior refurbishment and a full repaint of the aircraft was also completed. This is the first time a 3C inspection has been completed on a Falcon 2000.

In addition to the completion of the 3C inspection, West Star’s ALN team completed the installation of API blended winglets on the same Falcon 2000. These blended winglets can cut fuel consumption by up to 7% and allow you to fly up to 18 knots faster at the same rate of fuel burn.  It was during the prebuy of the Falcon 2000 that West Star accomplished the wing tank dry bay modification on the aircraft. This modification is in compliance with Dassualt’s mandatory service bulletin which was put in place to prevent potential fuel spill during high speed runway excursion.

“Accomplishing the “Big Three” has enhanced the skill set of our maintenance, interior, and exterior teams,” says Sam Haycraft, Executive V.P. Maintenance Operations, West Star Aviation. “It also adds to the high level of quality and service our customers have come to expect from us.”

WSA Big 3 Falcon 2000

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