Breast Cancer Awareness Custom Paint Job Delivery

Breast Cancer Awareness

Grand Junction Custom Paint Fire Truck

West Star Aviation recently completed a custom paint job on a fire truck for the Grand Junction and Mesa County Fire Departments to further promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The paint job was completed at West Star’s 25,000 square foot paint facility at their Grand Junction (GJT) location, where the fire truck was painted the signature pink associated with breast cancer awareness. West Star completed the job as a donation to the cause.

Last year, the Grand Junction fire department wore pink shirts throughout the month of October to bring awareness for fighting all types of cancer. This year, an additional 11 fire departments in Mesa County, and the pink fire truck named “Delaney” have joined the cause. The fire truck was named after a local girl who is fighting cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Grand Junction Fire Truck on Display

“Giving back to the community is really important at West Star, so we were thrilled to participate in this project,” said Dave Krogman, General Manager, West Star Aviation (GJT). “We worked with a great group of local companies to bring this fire truck back to life and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

The fire truck was put on display at the local farmers market where it was used to sell pink t-shirts to further promote the cause. The fire truck will also be used in local parades. The back of the fire truck features the logos of all of the companies that participated in the project, including the West Star logo.

To learn more about the Grand Junction Fire Department and all of their community outreach, visit

Breast Cancer Awareness Custom Paint Job

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