West Star Aviation, Inc. Installs First EFI-890 EEI

West Star Inc. Installs First EFI-890 EEI

West Star Aviation, Inc. is pleased to announce that it’s Grand Junction facility has completed the installation of the Universal EFI-890R EEI, Electronic Engine Indication on a Falcon 50, with the certification through its East Alton facility. This is the first Universal EFI-890R EEI for Part 25 aircraft in the industry. The FAA awarded West Star the STC certificate on July 16th, 2008. The system includes a fifth Universal EFI-890R display, two EIUs (Engine Interface Unit), and reversionary switches for engine indication redundancy. Engine Indication can then be reverted to the NDs, Navigation Displays. The EFI-890R also displays RADAR, FMS maps, ASU (Electronic Charts, Checklists, E-docs, and Broadcast Weather), Vision-1 SVS, and external video (EVS Camera, Video camera, Electro-Optical Special Mission sensors – FLIR and Day TV).

For more information regarding the EFI-890R EEI please contact Marty Rhine at 618-795-4899 or toll free at 800-922-2421.

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