Learjet recently released Advisory Wire AW21-008 stating they will no longer support the R-12 air conditioning systems on Learjet 20/30/50 and 60 series aircraft and they are sanctioning the Steinbach R-134a installation. However, West Star Aviation can install the Steinbach & Associates STC conversion kits for the R12 Air Conditioning systems at their Grand Junction, CO facility, and their certified mechanics have experience installing these kits on all of the affected Learjet models. To view the complete Advisory Wire AW21-008 visit http://www.cic.bombardier.com.

The air conditioning STC converts the R-12 system to the ozone-friendly R-134a Suva refrigerant system for all applicable Learjet aircraft. This includes EASA STC IM.A.S00284 for operators in that environment.

The conversion kits include an R-134a compressor, expansion valves specifically for R-134a, compatible receiver-dryer, and Teflon vapor barrier hoses and fittings along with servicing ports specifically for R-134a. West Star’s technical support staff encourages all interested Learjet operators to contact maintenance sales personnel in advance to avoid adverse scheduling or operational impact. For more information about installing the Steinbach & Associates conversion kit, contact Emily Mason 970-261-1308.

Learjet R-134a Air Conditioner System

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