West Star Recieves STC’S For WAAS/LPV Installs

West Star Aviation is pleased to announce on March 26th, 2009 the FAA awarded their facilities two separate STC approvals for WAAS/LPV installations.

The two STC’s are for the Citation 550 Bravo Series (S/N 0801 & ON, #ST02687CH), and for the Citation V 560 Series (S/N 0001 thru 0259, #ST02693CH), and cover the installation of Universal Avionics UNS-1Lw FMS system with an LPV Monitor. In order to accommodate customers throughout the country, West Star’s East Alton, Grand Junction and Dallas facilities all have the capabilities to perform the installations.

Operators of these aircraft will now be able to take advantage of the reduced minimums offered by LPV operations; resulting in “reducing your cost of operation” through the greater flexibility this procedure provides your flight crews. West Star’s Grand Junction location currently has an effort underway to amend the 560 STC that will include the “560 Ultra & Encore” Series; additionally the ALN facility currently has another WAAS/LPV certification effort in process for “Dual” UNS-1Lw FMS systems in the 650 Citation III Series.

For more information regarding the WAAS/LPV installations please contact Ron Dittmar (ALN) at 618-660-7157, Marty Rhine (ALN) at 618-795-4899, Aaron Berg (GJT) at 970-243-7500 ext: 468 or Jim Pommier (GJT) at 970-248-5258.

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