Month: August 2012

West Star Aviation has acquired a roll-around Challenger 600/601/604/605 landing gear ship set. This ship set will allow West Star to remove the original landing gear from an aircraft while still having the capability to reposition the aircraft as required for any additional services, i.e. paint, maintenance, etc. Roll-around gear supports decreased downtime during gear […]

West Star Aviation has acquired the recently released Messier Bugatti Dowty Overhaul Manuals and Technical Data for Challenger 604-192 Month Gear Restorations. This “stand-alone” Overhaul Manual is required to perform any Challenger 604 Gear Restorations/Repairs, and encompasses OEM approved repairs, engineering support, recommended service bulletins (SB’s) and airworthiness directives (AD’S), as well as OEM mandatory […]

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