West Star Aviation has acquired a roll-around Challenger 600/601/604/605 landing gear ship set. This ship set will allow West Star to remove the original landing gear from an aircraft while still having the capability to reposition the aircraft as required for any additional services, i.e. paint, maintenance, etc.

Roll-around gear supports decreased downtime during gear swaps and multi-shop events where paint is tied to airframe maintenance and gear overhauls.  In addition, West Star Aviation can support in-house gear overhauls/repairs on Challenger 300/600/601/604 landing gear.

West Star Aviation has also acquired a complete ship set of Challenger 601 Landing Gear to reduce downtime and accommodate operator specific schedules during landing gear restoration.  The complete ship set also allows for simultaneous aircraft painting and restoration, and is available on a loaner/rental/exchange basis through West Star’s Grand Junction, CO (GJT) Accessory Shop.

“This new roll-around ship set, in addition to our Challenger 601 Landing Gear, allows us to offer a whole new solution for operators that most facilities cannot offer,” says Steve Goede, Accessories Program Manager, West Star Aviation. “In most facilities, once the landing gear is removed, the aircraft must remain stationary. However, we have overcome this obstacle and can complete multiple services at once, decreasing customer downtime.”

West Star’s state-of-the art paint facilities are capable of handling all levels of exterior paint from minor touch-up to a complete strip and repaint. They specialize in all types of repairs during the paint process as well as custom paint designs, logos and specialized paints and primer. Additionally, West Star has staff experts who provide common computerized exterior renderings.

Challenger Landing Gear

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