West Star Aviation announced they have received STC approval for the installation of the Safe Flight instrument Corporation Auto Power System in Proline 21 equipped Hawker jets.   The AutoPower® System is available for in service Pro Line 21-equipped Hawker 800XP, 850XP, 750, 900 and 800XPr models. Operators with compatible aircraft can have the system installed in as little as two weeks at West Star Aviation’s Grand Junction (GJT) facility.

West Star conducted the flight testing for the AutoPower® System and shortly after, forged an agreement with Hawker Beechcraft Corporation for the distribution and installation of the AutoPower® System.  Under the terms of the agreement with Hawker Beechcraft, all installations for the AutoPower® System will be completed exclusively by either West Star or a Hawker Beechcraft Service facility.

The AutoPower® System for the Hawker 800 series will provide continuous thrust management during takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, maneuver, landing and go-around.  Fully integrated with existing avionics displays and controls, AutoPower® delivers smooth and precise speed and power control modes throughout the entire flight profile resulting in improved safety, increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload, greater passenger comfort and increased aircraft value.

“One huge benefit of this system is the fuel savings,” says Aaron Berg, Avionics Technical Sales Manager, West Star Aviation. “The system continually monitors the weight and speed of the aircraft to ensure a constant fuel burn, which can result in a 3% fuel savings.”

West Star can install the Safe Flight AutoPower® ATS in as little as two weeks downtime. Operators can take advantage of that time to also have scheduled maintenance performed, additional avionics upgrades, or a new paint or interior package. To learn more about the installation, or to set up an appointment, contact Aaron Berg at (970) 243-7500 (office) or (970) 261-6741 (cell).

Auto Power System Press Release

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