Department of Defense Recognition

Department of Defense

         Department of Defense Recognition Ceremony

West Star Aviation was recently recognized by the Department of Defense for their continued support of their National Guard and Reserve Employees. This recognition comes from West Star’s commitment to the support of troops as they are called into action, and their willingness to prepare and integrate the individuals back into their team upon their return.

The award was presented by retired Colonel Lou Brackett, the Employer Outreach Coordinator for the State of Colorado, on Wednesday March 28, 2013. West Star remains committed to supporting their active and veteran military employees by holding their positions while they are away on duty, providing continued insurance benefits, and allowing vacation and sick days to continue to accrue, which are paid to the employee’s families. In addition, West Star GJT sends periodic care packages to the troops and continues to involve their families in any company events while they are away.

“While we are committed to the support of all of our employees, we recognize that this support is extremely important in welcoming troops home and reintegrating them back into our team, and we take that very seriously,” says Dave Krogman, General Manager, West Star Aviation, Grand Junction.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Department of Defense and will continue to support our troops every way we can.”

West Star GJT currently employs two active Army Reservists, as well as 64 veterans with over 360 years of combined Honorable Service. In addition, West Star employs 54 veterans with over 340 years of combined service at their East Alton (ALN) location. To learn more visit

Department of Defense Recognizes West Star

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