Our Sales Reps & Regions
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Dan Prieu
Dan Prieu Senior Project Manager
  • CHA
Donnie Shealy
DONNIE SHEALY Technical Sales Manager
  • CHA
Eric Valdes
ERIC VALDES Program Director, Gulfstream and Accessories
  • ALN
Garrett Heisler
GARRET HEISLER Program Director, Falcon
  • ALN
George Laiten
GEORGE LAITEN Program Director Bombardier
  • ALN
Jason Blust Learjet Team Leader
  • GJT
JEFF OLSON Program Manager Challenger
  • GJT
JIM BENNINGER Airframe Team Leader
  • ASE
KEN RICE Director of Maintenance
  • GJT
KENDALL KREILING Program Manager Hawker
  • GJT
KEVIN BOSTWICK Quality Assurance Mgr./DAR-T for Maintenance
  • GJT
Kyle French General Manager, Perryville
  • PCD
Larry Marler
LARRY MARLER Technical Sales Manager
  • CHA
Lynn Boyd
Lynn Boyd Satellite/Operations Manager
  • MSP
Pat Welch
PAT WELCH Program & Service Manager Piaggio / Cessna
  • ALN
Scott White
SCOTT WHITE Falcon Program Manager
  • GJT
TJ Jeager
T.J. JAEGER Program Manager Learjet/Gulfstream
  • GJT
THOMAS HILBOLDT Director of Maintenance
  • CHA

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