West Star Aviation recently announced the availability of the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), known as Hud Vision Access (HVA) for the Challenger 604 and Challenger 605 aircraft. Certification of the system is expected January 2013.

The HVA system consists of 3 LRU’s and provides numerous benefits to the operator, including: Safer operation in low visibility, enhanced situation awareness, terrain avoidance, and runway incursion detection. However, the most prominent benefit to the operator is the lower landing credits to minimums of 100 feet above the ground, which is half of the typical ILS approach. Lower minimums allow operators access to areas where other aircraft and operators cannot land. Furthermore, operators can get these lower minimums by simply installing and using the HVA system, there are no additional certifications for special training required.

In order to further enlighten the aviation market of the importance of EFVS, the FAA will be issuing low visibility operation rules during the next two years, which will speak to safer operations for all modes of flight with EFVS installed.

West Star is offering special discounted pricing for early customers. To learn more or to schedule service contact Rick Brainard, Vice President, Business Development at 970-243-7500 or Marty Rhine, Avionics Sales Manager, at 618-258-8813. West Star is a one stop service source for all Challenger CL300, 600, 601, 604, 605, Global, Global 5000, and Global Express. For a full list of Challenger capabilities, visit www.weststaraviation.com.

WSA HVA System

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