West Star Aviation can now install
Gogo AVANCE L5 platform in your aircraft!
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What is AVANCE L5?

  • Integrated in-flight connectivity and entertainment solution
  • The Gogo AVANCE L5 is a single platform that provides Gogo Biz 4G in-flight internet experience including streaming video, audio on-demand media, personal smartphone use and real-time data
  • Fully integrated system includes: 802.11 AC dual-band Wi-Fi, advanced router, moving maps/news clips/weather/CMS integrated and more



  • High performance 4G internet so you never have to worry about missing that important meeting, presentation or call
  • Home environment experience
  • More than 40 systems are in-flight with over 100 systems shipped for installation



  • Authorized Gogo Business Aviation Dealer for over 15 years
  • West Star Aviation is a trusted resource for the installation of both cockpit and cabin avionics systems on today’s most sophisticated airframes. Minimal downtime by providing installation during scheduled or routine maintenance


The experts at West Star Aviation have delivered 10 aircraft with the Gogo Avance L5 system and are currently in work on over 20 more. Once complete, installations will be successfully implemented on 17 airframes and variants, including Challenger 604, Challenger 605, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Embraer Legacy 600, Falcon 2000, Falcon 2000EX, F2000LX, Falcon 900, Falcon 900EX, Falcon 7X, Global Express, Global 6000, Gulfstream G450,
Gulfstream GIV-SP, Gulfstream G550 and the Learjet 60.Start 2018 by visiting West Star Aviation to get your AVANCE L5 installed on your aircraft today!


To schedule your AVANCE L5 installation contact:
Mike Sichmeller / 618.225.7587 / msichmeller@wsa.aero
Aaron Berg / 970.261.6741 / aberg@wsa.aero
Jim Pommier / 970.261.4714 / jpommier@wsa.aero
Josh Peterson / 970.260.8332 / jpeterson@wsa.aero
To ensure reduced downtime, this installation can be completed in conjunction with scheduled routine maintenance.

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