Expertise on What You Fly – Gulfstream

Gulfstream Specific Expertise
Over the last 10 years, West Star’s Gulfstream Program has
  • 446,850 hours of completed airframe maintenance
  • 51 years of verifiable, hands-on experience technicians
  • 897 successful deliveries
With four full service locations across the US, West Star provides expert Gulfstream service.
  • All Major Inspections and Repairs
  • Wing De-mates and Wing Corrosion Repairs
  • Component and Accessory Overhaul and Exchange Options
  • Rolls-Royce BR-710, Tay and Spey Engine Service
  • Structural and Systems FAA-DER and FAA-DAR Engineer on Staff
  • Interior, Avionics and Exterior Paint Capabilities
West Star has earned a reputation as a leader in non-OEM maintenance providers. Find out how the numbers really matter by connecting with our experienced Gulfstream team members.

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