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At West Star, we understand just how important airframe specific experience can be. That’s why we are committed to assembling the finest airframe teams in the industry, and our Hawker team is no exception. Take a moment to meet a few of the West Star Hawker Team at our Grand Junction Colorado location (GJT) – Robert, Kendall, Dave, Jeff and Greg.

Did we mention Robert was a Hawker Tech Rep with 29 years of experience at Hawker/Beechcraft?

This means you can feel confident in your decision to trust West Star Aviation for your next Hawker inspection, installation or repair.

West Star’s Hawker maintenance program offers inspections for all models. These major inspections include routine, structural, out of phase, component requirements and mandatory life limitations. Our top qualified staff has over 133 years of combined Hawker experience to serve your maintenance needs.

West Star offers one-stop, full service for all your Hawker needs. Airframe and engine maintenance, avionics repair and installation, paint and Interior, and component overhaul.

Please connect directly with Kendall or Robert for additional information or if you have any questions.

West Star Aviation – Where Hawker Experience Shines.

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