Introducing The Gulfstream G450 A-Level Cabin Upgrade Bundle

G450 Cabin Management

The Gulfstream G450 is a solid, proven aircraft that still has impressive performance for its class even today. But you already know that.

As an operator, you know the cabin experience and environment is the most personal connection to your aircraft.  You may also know that the Collins Aerospace ACMS and the CMS-1 cabin management and inflight entertainment systems that came factory equipped on the G450 are becoming increasingly cost prohibitive to maintain  and repair due to hard to find and sometimes obsolete replacement parts.

But did you know West Star Aviation is offering a way to breathe new life into your both your G450 interior and cabin management system while saving substantial money at the same time?

G450 A-Level Cabin Upgrade Bundle

West Star’s G450 A-level Cabin Upgrade Bundle pairs the venerable Collins Aerospace VenueTM Cabin Management System with a world-class interior refresh by West Star Aviation – all for an exclusive price.  This package will take your G450 cabin to Another Level altogether.

This limited-time bundle is value-priced at $800,000 – a savings of $200,000 if both projects were estimated independently – finally, a price-point that makes sense!

The Collins Aerospace VenueTM Cabin Management System replaces the obsolete and out of production components with updated functionality and scalability that will continue to evolve with your needs for years to come. 

The system installation is meticulously performed by the West Star Cabin Management Design Team and has first -hand knowledge of the system and installation process as an Authorized Collins Aerospace Dealer.

West Star Aviation Installation & Downtime

The West Star Aviation G450 Cabin Upgrade Bundle is available at all full-service locations including:

Estimated downtime for the bundle installation is 8-12 weeks and can be scheduled in conjunction with other maintenance events to maximize your maintenance budget and calendar. 

Call George Euler at 970.248.5294 or Walt Marcy at 970.248.5258 to get more information or reserve your input slot today!