General Manager Changes at ALN and GJT

Brian Bauwens
Brian Bauwens

Brian Bauwens

Scott Sweeney

West Star is pleased to announce the promotion of Brian Bauwens to General Manager at their East Alton, IL (ALN) facility and relocation of Scott Sweeney, General Manager at their Grand Junction, CO (GJT) location. Both managers will provide leadership for all aspects of the sites, including operations, planning and project management, quality control and building maintenance.

Scott Sweeney, previous General Manager at the ALN facility is replacing Dave Krogman, who recently announced his retirement from GJT. Scott has over 35 years of aviation experience, previously with the US Navy and Hawker Beechcraft.

“West Star is embarking on many exciting new initiatives, including a hangar expansion in Grand Junction,” said Jim Rankin, CEO. “Scott has done a great job in leading the East Alton facility for the past four years and I am confident he will bring the same style of collaboration and strong business acumen to the Grand Junction site,” continued Rankin.

“This is certainly a bittersweet moment for me as I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside an incredible and talented group of people, the entire team here at East Alton has been integral to the success of this facility,” said Scott Sweeney, General Manager (GJT). “As I look ahead with excitement to lead Grand Junction, I am equally as eager to help set the vision and strategic direction for sustainable, long-term growth as we expand our footprint and services to customers across the region,” Sweeney continued.

Brian Bauwens is being promoted from Director of Bombardier Business Development to General Manager at ALN, replacing Scott Sweeney. Brian has over 30 years of aviation experience in a variety of positions along with holding an A&P license from Baker’s School of Aeronautics.

“I’m impressed with Brian’s strong leadership skills, technical knowledge and strong customer-oriented support. He shows great balance between people skills and achieving outstanding results for both the West Star team and our valued customers,” stated Jim Rankin, CEO.

“I appreciate the opportunity to grow and continue my aviation career here at West Star,” said Brian Bauwens, General Manager (ALN). “I’m excited to lead the team I’ve grown so close with and exceed the expectations of our customers,” Bauwens continued.