Houston, Texas: Embraer Legacy 450

Houston, Texas: Embraer Legacy 450
Houston, Texas: Embraer Legacy 450
Houston, Texas: Embraer Legacy 450

An Embraer Legacy 450 had to perform an emergency landing after the Main Entry Door opened during takeoff. West Star Aviation AOG/MRT was dispatched to provide damage analysis and on-site repair services to Embraer and other applicable component manufacturers as required.

The objective was to provide AOG support until all damage was identified and facilitate a ferry flight to our Repair Station at KALN for subsequent permanent repairs. After all damage was identified, we coordinated with the OEM to secure a rental engine and initiate repair of the customer’s engine, Dallas Aeronautical Services to repair the inlet, Safran to repair the Thrust Reversers, and Embraer to procure parts, repair the fuselage and establish safe ferry parameters and configurations.

West Star also designed and engineered a Main Entry Plug in house at West Star Grand Junction. This project required communication with multiple aspects simultaneously while expediting, maintaining and updating all parties to ensure everything moved according to plan or to adjust quickly as obstacles presented themselves.

Overall this was a large on-site AOG undertaking that exemplifies the experience and expertise of the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT and Full Service Teams.

AOG/MRT Responders:
Ian Radin,
Patrick Presnell
Stephen Powers
Cody Wendt


Trust the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT team when you need expertise the most.  Our team of 43 (and growing) specialists can tackle most any issue when you are away from your home base and AOG.  From common emergency repair issues to more complicated issues with engines, structural repair and avionics, the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT Team is just a simple click or phone call away – anywhere in the world. 

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