Dallas, TX: Challenger 600

The Lower Tail Cone, Tail Tank ASSY, Lower Fairing and Primary Support Structure of a Challenger 600 were extensively damaged due to improper fueling. The tail and Saddle Tanks were filled without fuel in the wings causing the aircraft to sit down on its tail with its nose in the air.

The crew used weights and walked FWD in the cabin until the Aircraft sat back down causing a hard landing condition on the nose gear.

West Star Aviation’s AOG/MRT was contacted and Damage Analysis Process visually identified all structure affected. We then documented all damage dimensions, locations, affected part numbers if data was available and submitted the information to Bombardier for review and corrective action.

Many of our structure responses involve insurance, so it’s critical to identify all damage to ensure airworthiness and provide the customer with the best overall outlook for cost and scheduling permanent repairs if required.

Further analysis requirements were established by Bombardier and Safran, the landing gear OEM. These included verifications of airworthiness on the landing gear, fuel systems and additional structural inspections and were performed by the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT Team.

Temporary Structural Repairs, Ferry parameters and configurations were established.  These temporary repairs were fabricated with the support of Dallas Aeronautical Services in Cedar Hill, TX (West Star Aviation Affiliate Company).  The temporary repairs were installed, the aircraft was placed in proper configuration and released for Ferry to our KALN facility for permanent repair.

Upon arrival at West Star Aviation’s East Alton, IL facility, the Tail Tank, Lower Fairing, Tail Cone, and all Landing Gear were all replaced.  The existing Landing Gear was sent to Safran for further analysis.

AOG/MRT Responders:
Jim Welch
Hampton (Hammy) Lester
Russ Kissel
John (Tom) Lundy
Patrick Presnell


Trust the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT team when you need expertise the most.  Our team of 43 (and growing) specialists can tackle most any issue when you are away from your home base and AOG.  From common emergency repair issues to more complicated issues with engines, structural repair and avionics, the West Star Aviation AOG/MRT Team is just a simple click or phone call away – anywhere in the world. 

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