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AOG Augusta, Georgia

Challenger 601

The Lower Tail Cone, Tail Tank ASSY, Lower Fairing and Primary Support Structure of a Challenger 600 were extensively damaged due to improper fueling. The tail and Saddle Tanks were filled without fuel in the wings causing the aircraft to sit down on its tail with its nose in the air. The crew used weights […]

Extreme Weather caused a Citation Latitude to jump its chocks and roll off the ramp. During the line crew’s recovery attempt, the LH Main Gear became lodged against the ramp and subsequently stuck in the mud, rendering the aircraft immobile. Upon arrival, the West Star Aviation AOG Mobile Repair Team coordinated with the Airport Authority […]


A Learjet 45 had its winglet damaged while being moved by the line crew in Fairbanks, AL. The right-hand winglet was towed into the hangar door.  The customer removed the damaged winglet and attempted to install a used unit.  The used winglet’s attachment hole pattern did not match and was deemed not usable. The customer […]


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WSAA will be piloted at the East Alton, IL facility with the first round of apprentices anticipated to start in January 2024. For more information on West Star Aviation employment or WSAA apprentice selection criteria, please visit or contact Katie Johnson ( or Dave Lagermann (

Application & Selection Process

Before applying, please be aware of the standards of conduct for employment with West Star along with the strict requirements below while attending WSAA.

  • Working in Aviation requires a commit to being drug-free.  Pre-employment drug testing along with random and reasonable suspicion testing is required for all companies employing people working in safety sensitive positions. The position you are considering applying for is safety sensitive.  If hired, you must pass a DOT drug test to start working, if you fail the job offer is rescinded.  If you pass, you must remain drug-free during employment, failing a random or reasonable suspicion test may result in termination of employment.  Please note: marijuana is legal in certain states however the FAA follows Federal law where marijuana is illegal.  This means testing positive for marijuana, or any other illegal drug, will prevent you from working in Aviation. 
  • The first 7.5 months will follow a strict schedule: Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:30pm (breaks and meal periods provided). 
  • The expectation is to arrive inside the learning center and clocked in at 7:00am.
  • While attending WSAA, no more than 4 hours a week can be missed.  Extenuating medical circumstances will be given full consideration with supporting documentation.
  • WSAA follows an FAA approved curriculum which has certain requirements including attendance. 
  • Testing for the FAA license at the conclusion of WSAA is required, along with passing.  Two opportunities to test will be provided, if needed.  Employment may terminate if the FAA license is not obtained.
  • Candidates will be contacted to complete pre-screening assessments and questionnaires. 
  • Qualified candidates will be contacted in late November and scheduled for a tour and interview with Hiring Managers at West Star Aviation in East Alton, IL.
  • To be qualified, candidates must pass the pre-screening process along with submitting a negative DOT drug test result.
  • Finalists will be selected after onsite interviews. Job offers will be extended in mid-December with a start date of January 9, 2024.
  • Pay while learning in the Academy will be $20 per hour.  Upon successfully graduating and obtaining your FAA license, pay will increase to $27 per hour.