50Dash4 Upgrade for Falcon 50 Aircraft Displayed at 2007 NBAA Convention.

New STC provides significant increase in speed, range and climb coupled with lower fuel
burn to bring top value to legendary business jet

Premier Aircraft of East Alton, Illinois, a joint venture between West Star Aviation, Inc.
and Yankee Pacific Aerospace, Inc. will publicly display for the first time its 50Dash4
Performance Upgrade for the Falcon 50 business jet at the 60th annual convention of
the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) in Atlanta. Premier Aircraft, LLC.
Premier Aircraft obtained an FAA STC for the 50Dash4 upgrade in January of this year
and will have two newly-upgraded Falcon 50’s available for inspection at NBAA’s static display.

The 50Dash4 Performance Upgrade gives the Falcon 50 greater range/payload, shorter time to
climb, higher initial cruise altitude and reduced runway requirements from high/hot or short/hot
airports. Due to significant European interest, Premier Aircraft has also applied for EASA
certification, expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

The STC provides for the installation of TFE-731-4-1C engines, converted by Honeywell from
their original TFE-731 3/3D configuration, and includes installation of new exhaust nozzles and
modifications by Premier Air Center (now West Star Aviation) to the Falcon 50 nacelles and
engine instruments.

The aircraft on display at NBAA are Falcon 50’s s/n 094 and s/n 170, representing one of the
latest customer delivered aircraft. Owner Chick-Fil-A will display s/n 094 at West Star
Aviation’s static display space #39 while s/n 170, which is owned by Yankee Pacific Aerospace
and available for purchase, may be viewed at Jet Effect’s static display space #18. In addition to
the 50Dash4 upgrade, both aircraft benefit from a new ‘widebody-look’ interior, and custom
exterior paint. To date, five upgrades have been ordered, with three delivered.

The Chick-fil-A upgraded aircraft includes a new, state of the art avionics package including
Collins Pro Line 21 LCD glass displays, attitude and heading sources, dual flight management
systems, radar, autopilot, radios, air data computers, dual file server units, and cockpit

Chick-fil-A chose to purchase a Falcon 50 upgraded with the new 50Dash4 Performance upgrade
over other aircraft. ”When compared with the 50EX and 50-40 powered aircraft, the 50Dash4
gave us increased performance at an acceptable price, and the Pro Line 21 avionics package was
comparable to the avionics in our other aircraft,” says Bob Boston, Chief Pilot, Chick-fil-A.
“Premier offered superior service, a wonderful pair of products, and they did it all within budget and
on time.”

Demand for the upgrade is accelerating as performance guarantees have been regularly exceeded
in operational use. For example, at .8M cruise, the 50Dash4 aircraft can fly anywhere from
300+NM to as much as 600+NM further than the standard Falcon 50, depending upon departure
airport and climb conditions, with all other mission characteristics identical.
In all cases the time to climb, range, payload and cruise speeds are enhanced with the
50Dash4 STC. In addition, the 50Dash4 meets the ICAO Chapter 4 noise

Major upgrade benefits include:
– Higher climb and cruise thrust
←- Lower specific fuel consumption
←- Reduced time to climb, and higher initial cruise altitude
←- ICAO Chapter 4 Noise compliant
←- Extended 2500/5000-hour MPI/CZI intervals
←- Special 3 year/ 1800-hour engine warranty
←- Reduced MSP rates

For customers enrolled on MSP, Honeywell will apply MSP payments against the
engine conversion cost, which can reduce the upgrade list price of $2.305 million to
as low as $1.65 million. Non-MSP customers will be offered the right to enroll at the
reduced TFE731-4-1C hourly rate.

Chick-fil-A will be handing out box lunches from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at their static display #39. The
box lunches will be provided all three days of NBAA.

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