Announces First CMS Dealer Install with
Cabin Management Solutions on An F900EX-012

West Star is pleased to announce the first dealer installation of the Cabin Management Solution’s (CMS) Evolve cabin management system on a F900EX-012.

West Star installed Cabin Management Solutions new Evolve cabin control and entertainment system as part of an interior update project that included a complete cabin refresh and new cabin veneer. The Evolve System upgrade included installation of touch screen interfaces and multiple bulkhead monitors interfaced with Alto Aviation Sound System, along with two HDMI input panels.

The system is unique because of the reduced downtime for installation by connecting to the aircraft’s current wiring system. Each adapter bracket utilizes additive manufacturing (3D printing) to allow for quick and easy creation of brackets that can drop down into the existing removed switch location with little to no modification required. So far, a total of four aircraft have the new Evolve system installed, since launching in 2021. The initial system and subsequent subcomponents have been certified under an AML STC and have all received PMA certification.

“This is our first finished project together with Cabin Management Solutions with the second installation in progress. We look forward to many more collaborations, as we are always looking for new solutions to benefit our customers,” said Mike Sichmeller, Technical Sales Manager, Avionics (ALN).

West Star performs Cabin Management Services at all of their four full-service locations, call today to schedule an appointment.