Bombardier Global Flap Corrosion & Drainage Service Bulletins

Bombardier Global Flap Corrosion & Drainage Service Bulletins
Bombardier Global Flap Corrosion & Drainage Service Bulletins

What Are These Service Bulletins For?

Bombardier has issued a series of Services Bulletins in regard to I/B, Mid & O/B flap assemblies that recommend inspection and modification of flaps for corrosion & drainage issues.

In-board Flap SBs:

  • SB700-57-050 Global Express/XRS
  • SB700-1A11-57-016 Global 5000
  • SB700-57-5005 Global 5000 GVFD
  • SB700-57-6005 Global 6000 GVFD 6000

Middle Flap SBs:

  • SB700-57-053GlobalGX/XRS
  • SB700-1A11-57-019Global5000
  • SB700-57-5008GlobalGVFD5000
  • SB700-57-5502Global5500
  • SB700-57-6008Global6000
  • SB700-57-6502Global6500

Outboard Flap SBs:

  • SB700-57-054GlobalGX/XRS
  • SB700-1A11-57-020Global5000
  • SB700-57-5009GlobalGVFD5000
  • SB700-57-5503Global5500
  • SB700-57-6009Global6000
  • SB700-57-6503Global6500

What Are The Corrective Actions Related To These SBs?

We inspect inside of the flap with a borescope through the drain holes in the lower surface. If no corrosion is noted you clean and spray corrosion preventive compound to better protect the areas. We then add additional drain holes to the lower flap surfaces to help with the removal of moisture. If corrosion is noted the flap will then be removed from the A/C, and skins removed from the flap to access the corrosion. The corrosion is removed, measured, and reported to engineering for disposition. The inner areas of the flap are then treated with corrosion preventive compounds to better protect the aluminum components inside the flap. Sealant is also added to some key areas for better protection. The flap is then reassembled, painted, and installed on the A/C.

Are These SBs Mandatory For Global Operators?

These Service Bulletins are not mandatory at this time, but are recommended that they be addressed at the next scheduled maintenance event. When scheduled in conjunction with the 120 or 240-month inspections, these service bulletins don’t increase downtime. However, if scheduled during the 60-month or 180-month inspection, down time may be increased slightly if full access is required due to corrosion inside the flaps.

Where Can This Work Be Performed?

These Service Bulletins can be addressed at both the Grand Junction, CO (GJT) and East Alton, IL (ALN) West Star Aviation facilities.

Who Should I Contact For More Information?

Steve Bates

Steve Bates

Technical Sales Manager (ALN)
Direct 618.258.8054

George Laiten

George Laiten

Program Director
Bombardier (ALN)
Tel 618.258.8876

Brian Bauwens

Brian Bauwens

Director of Product Development
Bombardier (ALN)
Cell 618.419.1828

Gary Freeman

Gary Freeman

Technical Sales Manager
Gulfstream, Challenger & Global (GJT)
Tel 970.248.5216

Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall

Global Program
Manager (GJT)
Cell 970.270.1886

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