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Conquest Specific
Conquest Specific
400+ Years of Collective Conquest Experience
West Star’s Grand Junction, Colorado facility is the recognized world leader in Conquest maintenance, modifications, and upgrades. Top reasons Conquest operators choose West Star Grand Junction:
Conquest I and II Airframe Maintenance and Repair
  • World leader in Conquest routine maintenance and recurrent SID inspections
  • Aircraft broker facility of choice for comprehensive pre-purchase inspections
  • In-house window repair, accessory overhaul, and sheet metal repairs 
  • In-house paint and interior repairs or complete refurbishment during maintenance
  • In-house avionics repair and installation during maintenance
  • Damaged aircraft retrieval and repair 
  • Huge Conquest parts inventory
  • In-house customized Conquest maintenance tracking program
Conquest Engine Maintenance and Repair Conquest II: 
  • Converted over 80% of the world Conquest II fleet to Dash 10 power 
  • Honeywell TPE331 Major Service Center specializing in TPE331-10N hot sections, gearbox inspections, prop strike repairs, lightning strike repairs, oil contamination inspections, bird ingestion repairs, overspeed/overtorque/overtemp inspections, and borescope inspections
  • Engine troubleshooting, field inspections & repairs, rental engine installations, and retrieval
  • Engine test stand on site to facilitate send-in TPE331 engine work 
  • 40 years experience in the art of Conquest engine computer set up and engine matching 
  • Engine overhaul vendor selection and event management
Conquest I:
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A Line Service Center
  • Authorized Blackhawk XP Engine Distributor for conversion to the XP-135A engines 
  • Hot section disassembly/reassembly and components shipped to Pratt-approved facility of customer’s choice
  • Engine borescope inspections for troubleshooting and pre-purchase Technical Evaluations
  • Engine troubleshooting, field inspections and repairs, rental engine installations, and retrieval
  • Engine overhaul vendor selection and event management
Conquest Modifications and Upgrades
  • 441/425 aft body strakes
  • 441/425 LED and recognition lights
  • 441 Dual Master Warning mod
  • 441 Auto Ignition mod
  • 441 TPE331-10N engine installation STC
  • Garmin G600TXi Cockpit retrofits, including Conquest II RVSM for Magic and Avidyne Cockpits
  • Garmin Radio Stack Upgrades including LPV/NAV/Com, WX, XM, and Bluetooth
  • Gogo Avance L3 Internet Connectivity with Text & Talk
  • Iridium Satcom Text and Talk
  • Leading S-TEC 2100 & 3100 Autopilot installer
  • 441 RVSM STCs for Conquests with Collins APS-65 and S-TEC 2100 autopilots installed
  • McCauley and Hartzell 4-blade prop installation and vibration analysis
  • Complete in-house paint and interior refurbishment, modifications, and repairs
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Russ Williams

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