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Interior Refurbishment
Interior Refurbishment

The idea of considering an interior refurbishment project on any airframe can be a little intimidating.  There are a lot of details that go into the process of defining the work scope, assembling the pricing, and selecting materials.  We want to make that process easier on you, the end customer, and help you, h elp our team make this an enjoyable experience for you.  Combined with a fresh exterior paint, an interior refurbishment is the most visibly rewarding experience you will encounter in the aviation industry.  We want to try and make it as fun for you as it is for us.

Below is a summary of information you can provide to any one of our Corporate Aircraft Interior Sales Managers to help them help you define an upcoming interior work scope.

Do you need an actual proposal, or is a budgetary figure sufficient for your purposes?

  • We can typically respond with budgetary pricing for basic interiors within a day.  This would include soft goods, cabinetry re-veneer and cabinetry refinish.
  • Budgetary figures for modifications typically require a bit more research and thought and can be turned within 3 days.
  • An actual proposal for soft goods, cabinetry re-veneer, or cabinetry re-finish typically requires five (5) business days.
  • An actual proposal for modifications can require as much as fourteen (14) business days and sometimes longer, depending on vendor response times and available information.

Help us understand the aircraft’s purpose for your business.

  • Is the aircraft used primarily for personal travel, a business tool, or charter?
  • Is durability, or a wow factor a higher priority?
  • Are there amenities such as coffee service, dining service, wine storage, a mobile office, etc. that need to be considered.
  • Does the existing floorplan meet your current needs?

For a more thorough quote, we would request the following information:

  • Cockpit seat part numbers and photos of the belt tags.
  • Jump seat part numbers and photos of the belt tags.
  • Cabin seat and divan part numbers and photos of the belt tags.
  • Detailed photos showing the following:
    • Cockpit side panels (Are there leather pouches installed in the cockpit that need to be considered?  Are the storage compartments in the side ledges lined with material, or are they painted?)
    • Cockpit bulkheads (Are there pouches, or straps that need to be captured? What material covering is on the bulkheads?)
    • Condition of the existing shades in the cockpit
    • Jeppesen storage and closet areas (Are there curtains, baggage straps, etc. that need to be captured?)
    • Detailed photos of the galley drawers (Will the insides of the drawers match the new scheme, are the existing inserts appropriate for the aircraft’s mission, are the existing ice drawers and dirty dish storage sufficient for the mission?)
    • Galley sink condition
    • Entry curtain and steps
    • Entertainment cabinet layout
    • Overall cabin layout
    • Are there any items, such as magazine racks, or doghouse cabinets mounted on the bulkheads that might have soft good coverings that need to be considered?  Are there side ledge storage compartments that are either lined with laminate, or a fabric covering that will need to be changed?
    • Aft lavatory commode and bulkhead coverings (Is there mirror, or a fabric covering on the aft side of the cabin to lavatory door, or on any of the bulkheads that will need to be changed?  Are there storage areas that are either painted, or lined with material that will need to be changed?)
    • Aft lavatory sink
    • Baggage compartment to include webbing, baggage flaps, stair tread, or additional storage.
    • Detailed photos of any woodwork discrepancies you have noticed.  Please keep in mind that often until the woodwork finish is removed from a monument, even our technicians with years of experience and a trained eye, cannot identify hidden damage.
    • For any modification proposal requests, the best way for West Star Aviation to provide the most accurate proposal is through an aircraft survey.  We realize this is not always feasible.  We are always happy to provide an estimate when the opportunity to review the aircraft does not exist.

The above provides you with a good foundation and an understanding of the information we will need from the aircraft to provide you with an accurate work scope and pricing.  

It would be our pleasure to share the experience of defining an interior work scope to suit your needs.  For more information, please contact any one of our Corporate Aircraft Interior Sales Managers below.

Julie Timmons

Julie Timmons

Aircraft Interior Sales Manager (ALN)

George Euler

George Euler

Aircraft Interior Sales Manager (GJT)

Samantha Boyce

Samantha Boyce

Paint & Interior Design Sales (CHA)